About: Our Team

The Right Reverend Steven Miller
Bishop of Milwaukee
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The Rev'd Deacon Bill Pelnar
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Chip Mornard
Junior Warden
+ Welcome Team
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Jeremy Renz
Senior Warden
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Ron Nelson
Sexton [Maintenance] +
Missions: Homeless Shelter
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Lynn Kallas
Rector's Administrative Assistant
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Alan Cottle
Music Director
+ Youth Missioner
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Brian Budzynski
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Susanne Nelson
Sunday Children's Team Leader
+ Women of Joy
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Sandralee Thiele
Missions Team Leader
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Francisca Reyna
Financial Peace Team Leader
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Amy Budzynski
Hospitality Team Leader
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Ann Tarrolly
Garden & Grounds Team Leader
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Jerry Martinez
Men's Group Leader
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Bill Osborne, USMC
Veteran's Group Leader
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Liz Episcopo
Pastoral Care
+ Prayer Chain Coordinator
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Hi-Res photos courtesy of Rocky Troy Photography